Check your own language and watch the video in your mother tongue The best is yet to be! God loves you! Listen to His plan and apply it in your precious life!


Algeria Flag 180 x 120cm    Algeria:

Evangelist Lenwood Brooks “Your way in, is also your way out!”


Tic Tac Toe Evangelism :
Anita Fuentes: How To Break Free From Sin So You Can Walk Strong In These Last Days


Love Algeria


Jesus Today


Watch Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’ HD (Trailer)

Watch the stirring movie of Mel Gibson : The Passion of the Christ



‫سؤال جرئ 270 هل محمد رسول من عند الله ؟ مناظرة‬‎ – YouTube


سؤال جرئ 372 من أين تعلمت داعش سبي النساء؟


مسلم من السعودية يعتنق المسيحيةSaudi Converts to Christianity‬‎ – YouTube




China People's Republic Desk Flags 15 x 10cm - 10 units    China 

I Desire Jesus – Hillsong Live (2012 Album Cornerstone DVD) Lyrics/Subtitles (Worship Song):


Chinese Christian Mission Gospel Centres:


In Christ Alone..Passion 2013..Great Christian Song:


I Surrender – Hillsong Live (Cornerstone 2012 DVD Album) Lyrics/Subtitles (Best Worship Song):


Passion 2014 Francis Chan Sermon :

Kristian Stanfill – “Your Grace On Which I Stand” [Live @ Passion 2014] HD

Kristian Stanfill – “Love Never Gonna Let Me Go” [Live @ Passion 2014] HD


Mandarin videos TIDE:





View More than dreams: The remarkable true story of  Khalil


India Desk Flags 15 x 10cm - 10 units   India 

 Listen to Testimony of a seven year old


Listen to Ex Brahman testimony.


Listen to Past Robin Almeida:


Listen to Past Robin Almeida:


Listen to Gospel for Asia Radio in 110 languages (Hindi, Pujabi, Rajastani, Bengali, Gujurati, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Telegu and other)


Iran Flag 180 x 120cm  Iran

More than dreams: The remarkable story of Khosrow



 Indonesia Flag 180 x 120cm   Indonesia

More than dreams: The remarkable true story of Dina


Nigeria Flag 180 x 120cm  Nigeria

More than dreams: The true story of Mohammed


Somalia Flag 180 x 120cm    Somalia 






South African Desk Flags 15 x 10cm - 10 units   South Africa: Afrikaans



Die belangrikste saak waaroor ‘n mens op aarde kan dink of praat is geloofsekerheid. Die volgende dokument is waardevol om te lees en toe te pas in jou lewe!





Die aangrypende verhaal  van Jesus soos deur Lukas  se oë  gesien en vertel: Die Jesus Film in Afrikaans:



Volg die stappe om geloofsekerheid te verkry in ‘My Geboortesertifikaat’





Nuwe Lewe is ‘n ‘handleiding’ om kinders tot geloofsekerheid te begelei.



Om geestelik te groei is baie belangrik. Hier is  ‘n aantal onmisbare wenke vir die jong christen.





The Story of Jesus – Xhosa / Isixhosa / Xosa / Koosa Languag



Jesus Film in the Xhosa Language – YouTube


The Story of Jesus for Children – Xhosa / Isixhosa / Koosa / Xosa Language



Xhosa Language Bible / Ibhayibhile



Bible Stories : Xhosa with English subtitles – YouTube


Turkey Flag 180 x 120cm   Turkey

More than dreams: The true story of Ali


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